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Editorial Guide

Fort Campbell Courier

2574 23rd Street

Fort Campbell, Kentucky


The Fort Campbell Courier is a Civilian Enterprise newspaper and serves as the primary information outlet for the senior commander, all Fort Campbell directorates and organizations, as well as news that impacts Soldiers, Families and civilians who live and work on the post. The Fort Campbell Courier is part of the senior commander’s communication arsenal used to effectively tell the Army story to the American public to build trust and confidence in our nation’s military. The Fort Campbell Public Affairs Office staff provide the oversight and final approving authority for news and editorial content published in the Fort Campbell Courier.


Maria McClure, Garrison Public Affairs Specialist and Fort Campbell Courier Editor-in Chief. 270-798-6090,

Mari-Alice Jasper, Fort Campbell Courier Managing Editor (Main Street Media of Tennessee contactor). 270-798-4017,

Brendalyn Carpenter, Deputy Garrison Public Affairs Officer. 270-798-4730,


DEADLINES: The Fort Campbell Courier publishes on Fridays. The deadline for all content is close of business the Tuesday before the newspaper publication date. For events that occur after the deadline, contact the editor prior to close of business Monday to approve a later deadline.

NEWS IS NEW: Stories more than three weeks old will not be accepted. If at all possible, stories should run in the paper soon after the event.


• Stories about Soldiers, Families, civilians and veterans

• Unit training exercises, deployments/redeployments

• Special events, annual observances, awareness campaigns on the post

• Stories that focus on Soldier readiness, health, wellness and resiliency

• Sports, recreation and entertainment


• Changes of command below brigade level

• Check presentations, promotions, award ceremonies, office parties, holiday parties, and organization days.

• Private organizations unless the event has a direct, significant impact on a large portion of the Fort Campbell community.


• Stories written in the first person.

• Poetry or fiction.

• Information papers or after-action reports.

• Stories that do not have an Army or Fort Campbell connection.

• Stories that are incomplete or is otherwise noncompliant with basic journalism standards.

• Stories or editorials critical of government agencies or that advocate or dispute specific political or legislative matters.

• Content that is offensive.

• Information that is not properly attributed.

• Photographs that have been manipulated to change the context of the image.

• Photographs that depict Soldiers or civilians not following proper safety precautions, such as failing to wear a hardhat in a construction area.

• Photographs that depict Soldiers or civilians doing things that are against the law or in conflict with Department of Defense, Army or local policy.

• Photographs that are unflattering.

• Images that glamorize drug use, smoking, alcohol use or other vices.

• In accordance with AR 360-1, chapter 13, paragraph 4 (2): “Photographic clichés of the grip and grin and check presentation genre have little news value in PA operations. Photographs should show people doing their jobs or otherwise performing the activity that warrants newspaper coverage.” Exceptions to this regulation are extremely rare and are made by the Fort Campbell Courier Editorial Team or the Garrison Commander.

READER-SUBMITTED CONTENT: Submission of content to be considered for publication is encouraged. The Fort Campbell Courier Editorial Team reserves the right to edit all contributions for newsworthiness, Associated Press style, accuracy, taste and space. Editorials (command messages) and commentaries (personal opinion) will be published on the editorial page, A2.

For more information about acceptable content, email to request a copy the Fort Campbell Courier Style Guide.