Quality assurance is a key function of any government project oversight. As your housing advocate the Housing Services Office, or HSO, staff provides many necessary inspections to ensure Campbell Crossing, LLC, operated by Lendlease the Army’s privatized housing partner at Fort Campbell, is providing safe living conditions and upholding the agreements established by the Army.

The Fort Campbell Housing Services office needs your help.

One method to evaluate the effectiveness of Campbell Crossing is to seek out residents’ input into their performance of services. To accomplish this task, the HSO staff will perform follow-up calls on emergency, urgent and routine work requests to ensure resident satisfaction.

If a Campbell Crossing resident is not satisfied, the HSO staff will advocate and get the problems remedied. During 2021, the HSO staff called more than 3,500 residents and helped hundreds of tenants resolve their concerns.

Additionally, the Army has hired an independent, third-party organization, CEL and Associates, to conduct an online Army Tenant Satisfaction Housing Survey* to determine tenants’ level of satisfaction of on-post housing.

Residents should have received an email link to the survey and are highly encouraged to give their honest feedback. Their evaluation does indeed make a difference.

The 2021 survey input was used by the Army to better identify housing needs and target resources to achieve improvements. One of the major accomplishments of 2021 was the full implementation of the Tenant Bill of Rights, which outlines the rights to protect Army Families living in on-post housing.

At Fort Campbell, residents’ feedback over the years has directly impacted the schedule for current new home construction and major renovations throughout the Fort Campbell housing community. More than $320 million in construction is scheduled and your input will influence future decisions made by Army leaders as well as Campbell Crossing.

The survey score attributed to Campbell Crossing directly impacts the amount of incentive fee Campbell Crossing will earn. There will be absolutely no reprisals for reporting feedback and participation will ensure issues are appropriately addressed. Completing the confidential survey takes about 10 minutes and will continue through Feb. 24. All Campbell Crossing residents are encouraged to participate.

Army leaders are committed to improving housing conditions, and these surveys shape future housing quality and services.

OMB Control Number 0704-0553; OMB Expiration Date 03/31/