Riches are found in relationships, they matter most in life

For the first few months of a new year our minds tend to reflect on goals recently set. Maybe you can relate to feelings of joy in knowing you are on track with some a little anxiety about others that appear a more daunting and frustration at realizing a few might not be met. 

Personally, I have been through the spectrum of emotions. I have done a little reevaluation on what I want to do. Still, in the short time that has passed in 2020, I recognize I have been successful in at least one area: Reading more.

Recently I finished “The Richest Man in Town,” a short inspirational book by V.J. Smith. Without giving away the story – which I highly recommend reading – Smith touches on some salient points about life’s purpose and true happiness by examining the life of his friend Marty, a peculiar Walmart employee. 

There are many lessons that can be gleaned from this book. One is that relationships matter most in life.

In today’s hustle and bustle society it can be easy to place priority on tasks at work, overexert to complete projects, lust after the latest devices, or think our hard-earned money has ultimate worth. However, at the end of the day aren’t our relationships with God, Family and friends – not our business and possessions – what truly add value and meaning to life? 

In Matthew 22 Jesus notes the greatest commandments are loving God and our neighbor, or to say, our Family, friends, coworkers and all people. 

If it is true that our love in these relationships is the greatest of all things, then V.J. Smith may be on to something in posing that relationships matter most in life.

So, as 2020 continues, I invite you to set a goal to seek true riches found in time spent in prayer with God, conversation with someone in need and service to Family and friends. In so doing we might see that riches flow from living as if relationships matter most in life, because they do.

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