Approval required to operate home-based business on post

Army Families can obtain approval from Fort Campbell’s Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation to operate a home-based business on post. The process begins by downloading the free application by visiting Applications also can be picked up from the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Financial Management office, located inside T-39 on Indiana Ave.

Updated procedures have made it quicker and easier for Army Families to obtain approval from Fort Campbell’s Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, to operate home-based businesses inside the gates of Fort Campbell.

After submitting the free, downloadable application, home-based business owners can be approved within 60 days.

Melissa Schaffner, Nonappropriated Funds Support Division chief, MWR, said home-based businesses are an important contributor to Army Family quality of life.

Home-based businesses allow Families to work from their residences to develop rewarding careers that follow them as they move to different installations, Schaffner said. These businesses include a variety of careers such as hair dressing and styling, home baking and meal preparation, massage therapy and retail sales from home.

It is important to understand the difference between a home-based business and someone who works from home, she said.

“For example, if you are a bookkeeper and you do people’s taxes from home, you are working from home, but not necessarily running a business,” Schaffner said. “Maybe you are a military spouse and you are a personal trainer and you meet with your clients in a park or field on post – that is not considered a home-based business.”

The meal preparation industry has recently expanded especially for those looking to consume a specialized diet such as keto or paleo, she said. If someone operates this kind of business out of their home on post, they must be approved.

“That’s especially important because it involves cooking and food safety,” Schaffner said.

Retail sales from home includes businesses such as Pampered Chef, Tupperware and Paparazzi.

MWR’s Army guidance is to work with home-based businesses to help them operate properly.

“We are not here to try to stop their business operation or to tell a spouse that we don’t want them to have a business” Schaffner said. “We want to help them have their business and do it safely and legally.”

Getting approval from MWR begins with the application process. To download the free application, visit Applications also can be picked up from MWR Financial Management, located inside T-39 Indiana Ave.

After completing the application, home-based business owners must gain approval from certain agencies such as the Fort Campbell Housing Services Office. All state and local laws also must be met and followed.

“After they’ve gone through getting any approving signatures they need, sometimes they need a certification or a license for their business such as a state cosmetology license or being a licensed mechanic,” Schaffner said.

Then, applicants should make two copies of the paperwork. One set is turned in to Chrisoula Belanger, Fort Campbell MWR, and the other is theirs to keep on file.

“In some cases, applicants may need to take further actions to get properly registered with the post,” Schaffner said.

Once approval is given, it is valid for three years. When a Family moves to a new installation, they must register their home-based business at the new location.

Those who are currently operating home-based businesses on post without approval will be given amnesty, Schaffner said.

“We just want you to come forward and get registered, so we are aware and if there’s anything we need to do, especially with food safety, we are of making sure all of those things are right,” she said.

If it is discovered someone is operating a home-based business without approval, they will be directed to register.

“We just encourage people to go ahead and get registered,” Schaffner said. “We know on an installation of this size that there are home-based businesses, but what we also know is that no one is registered at this time and we need to get that corrected.”

For more information, call MWR’s home-based business point of contact, Chrisoula Belanger at 270-412-4181.