Advisory board provides post residents forum for improved communication

Amanda Bloomingdale, Campbell Crossing-Lendlease Resident Advisory Board member, meets monthly in virtual coffee chats offered between board meetings for its members. Because of COVID-19, meetings are currently being hosted virtually with the RAB members and representatives from Campbell Crossing-Lendlease, the Garrison command team and Housing Services Office officials.

Campbell Crossing-Lendlease is giving Fort Campbell residents a voice and opportunity to be part of positive changes in their neighborhoods through a board of neighborhood representatives.

Lendlease established resident advisory boards, or RABs, throughout 13 military housing properties the privatized housing partner manages. The Fort Campbell RAB officially began meeting in April.

“Our mission is to provide outstanding communities where military Families live, work and thrive,” said Keith Scruggs, interim project director for Campbell Crossing-Lendlease. “Through the RAB we are able to provide a framework that encourages freedom of communication by giving residents the opportunity to engage in their community and positively affect the quality of life of Families living within Campbell Crossing.”

The RAB is designed to address quality and consistent service, safe and healthy homes, communication and education, a culture of caring, a sense of community and sense of value, said Scruggs.

He said listening to residents’ concerns and ideas while caring about their experiences is a top priority for Campbell Crossing-Lendlease.

“The RAB is one of many creative ways we will continue to build customer listening pathways to ensure we understand and capture ideas, goals and community enhancement themes from our residents,” he said.

Campbell Crossing-Lendlease residents Kechia Lowry and Amanda Bloomingdale joined the RAB in March. Lowry represents Pierce Village and Bloomingdale represents Lee Park.

“We have lived here on Fort Campbell for almost five years,” Bloomingdale said.

“One of my friends sent me the application and said she had recommended me to apply because I’m very active in our neighborhood community through my work with Operation Homefront and YAIpak Outreach.”

Bloomingdale often checks her neighborhood Facebook group to see if she can help solve problems or answer questions her neighbors have by bringing them to the board and Campbell Crossing-Lendlease.

“I introduce myself and ask if there are any complaints, if there are things they are really happy with or not happy with, if there are any needs, or just feedback,” she said. “I’ve helped a Family get a quicker response time for repair for their bathroom, the only bathroom they had in their home. They were going to have to wait a week, which I thought was unacceptable because they had to go elsewhere to take showers. Within 24 hours someone was at their house fixing their tub.”

Bloomingdale also is developing an idea for free book boxes set up in neighborhoods once COVID-19 is less prevalent.

RAB members meet monthly, with a virtual coffee chat offered in-between for members to meet with community representatives. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings are all virtual and include RAB members, representatives from Campbell Crossing-Lendlease, the garrison command team and Housing Services Office officials.

Lowry received an email inviting her to consider becoming a member of Fort Campbell’s RAB.

“I’m always trying to be involved in the community, and I thought by being on the board it would be a great way to be involved and help make a change.”

She said she has found many residents are dedicated and passionate about their housing communities.

“It’s been awesome to learn from them,” Lowry said. “The communication has been great. Everyone has an open and kind personality.”

She wants to be part of developing more community engagement events to improve communication between residents, leaders and Campbell Crossing-Lendlease.

“We’re still trying to navigate the new virtual world,” Lowry said. “I try to be as approachable and friendly as I can so people know I will try to help them in any way I can.”

Since the launch of the RAB, 11 Fort Campbell residents have joined the board, Scruggs said. Thus far the monthly meetings have focused on landscaping, resident events and programming, and community regulations concerning pet waste and speeding.

“The board provides a forum for all of us to collaborate to ensure that housing issues and quality of life concerns are quickly addressed, and best practices are shared and implemented,” Scruggs said.

Through the RAB meetings, Campbell Crossing-Lendlease has taken landscaping concerns and implemented changes to include working with the installation to increase frequency of mowing in Directorate of Public Works managed areas surrounding housing communities.

Campbell Crossing-Lendlease’s aspirations for the RAB are to work together with residents to ensure needs are met through “quality and consistent service done right the first time,” Scruggs said.

RAB members serve on the board for two-year terms. There is an available spot on the board for a New Hammond Heights community representative. Residents who are interested can fill out the application at

“We absolutely need you and welcome everyone who wants to help make a change in their community,” Lowry said. “It makes us feel like somebody. We’re grateful for Campbell Crossing for giving us a chance and a voice, a lot of our ideas have the ability to move forward and be implemented.”

Residents are encouraged to share ideas, suggestions and concerns with their RAB representatives by emailing

Although the members of the RAB are available to assist, if a resident is not satisfied with Campbell Crossing-Leadlease support, call the Housing Services Office at 270-798-3808 or the Housing Services Hotline at 270-956-4728, which is answered 24 hours a day.


Housing Services Hotline 

The Housing Services hotline number is 270-956-4728 and is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. The Housing Services Office is open 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday and located in Room 400, Soldier Support Center, 2702 Michigan Ave. Call the Housing Services Office at 270-798-3808.