Housing Matters

The Army Barracks Management Program is an adaptive unit-garrison partnership to support the Army of the future that optimizes available resources, continues the targeted investments of the barracks modernization program and ensures the Army maintains its commitment to improve the quality of life of unaccompanied and single Soldiers.

The health, welfare and well-being of Soldiers is a commander’s responsibility and has been well described in Senior Commander’s Policy Letter No. 17.

With the implementation of the Army Barracks Management Program in 2018, the day-to-day administrative operation and functions of barracks management has been directed and assumed at the company level. Tasks that are required and the responsibility of company level staff and leadership include room assignment and termination; using Enterprise Military Housing — the Army’s housing data base of record; daily, weekly and monthly room and facility inspections that ensures adherence to all published standards of discipline and conduct; identify issues and problems; and furnishings management.

The three goals of the Army Barracks Management Program are:

•Support the mission: Provide senior commanders flexibility to ensure Soldiers are afforded world-class living arrangements.

•Take care of Soldiers: Provide quality accommodations and furnishings. Minimize changes to Soldier room assignments. Maintain good order, discipline, health and welfare while focusing on the well-being and the quality of life of barracks residents by engaging those who have a stake in the overall management of Army barracks.

•Use resources wisely: Ensure the effective, efficient and equitable management, and use of unaccompanied housing and barracks. Ensure maximum barracks utilization, goal is 95% across the installation. Maintain accountability for upkeep of facilities and furnishing.

The keys to successful implementation and operation of the Army Barracks Management Program are open communication and a strong relationship between unit leaders and the garrison housing staff.

First line leaders and individual Soldiers are integral to the overall success of the Army Barracks Management Program. First line leaders must be involved and have a daily presence in their unit’s assigned barracks. Leaders are responsible for the enforcement of all published standards and discipline and following up to ensure identified issues and problems are addressed.

Soldiers are involved in the day-to-day operation of barracks management as well. Soldiers have an inherent responsibility and are accountable for their barracks rooms and all assigned furnishings. They are the first line of defense with regards to identifying issues and problems in their barracks rooms. Identifying issues and problems sooner than later is paramount to successful preservation of the Army’s barracks.

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